Gastronomic Association of Georgia is a non-commercial, apolitical, nongovernmental organization the mission statement of which stems from the context of global challenges of today`s world that has been well reflected in the mission of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations specialized agency. The inclusion of gastronomy is one of the major determinants and image resources for the sustainable development of the country’s economy, culture, agriculture and tourism


Gastronomic Association of Georgia has the following goal

• To carry out a scientific research of Georgia’s gastronomic culture which possessesa tremendous historical potential, and to apply it as the country’s image resource for the development of Georgian economy, agriculture and gastronomic tourism;

• To promote worldwide Georgian gastronomic culture by participating in related important events, festivals and scientific forums


Strategic directions and philosophy of Gastronomic Association of Georgia

• Scientific research, meetings of different formats and content – conferences,
forums and seminars.
• Promoting the process of developing gastronomic tourism as an increasingly demanded product worldwide into a tourism product by using Georgia’s regional specifics so as to preserve regional authenticity; due to the complexities, restrictions and technological progress of today`s world, culinary recipes of our grandparents, ancient rituals and customs are often forgotten and lost, that leads to the deterioration and loss of our genuine heritage- the national intangible treasure.
• The maintenance of intangible values is the responsibility of every citizen of the country, therefore, the unification of individuals, academic personnel, private and other sectors operating in this field for the revival and promotion of Georgian gastronomic culture as one of the platforms, based on the mutual cooperation and transparency, serves as the most essential aspect of the work of our Association. The key factor in this direction is the common philosophy that will to unite our members and that aims to promote the revival, development and popularization of indigenous Georgian gastronomic culture worldwide.