Gastronomic Association Of Georgia


The mission statement of Gastronomic Association of Georgia is derived from the mission of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations specialized agency, given the context of global challenges of today`s world. The inclusion of gastronomy is one of the major determinants and image resources for the sustainable development of the country’s economy, culture, agriculture and tourism.

The Association has been established just recently and its main goal is to revive and promote Georgian gastronomic culture.

Our cooperation with Georgian National Tourism Administration has moved into an active phase. We have undertaken a comprehensive regional research in this direction.

This research intends to draft a concept of important events for the development of domestic gastronomic tourism in Georgia, which will help raise its awareness abroad in the future and to establish for Georgia a dignified position in the field of world gastronomic tourism.



Tourism is becoming an increasingly powerful component of the world economics. With the popularization of tourism, both local and foreign visitors tend to show an increased interest in authentic cuisines internationally every year. Our country has a great potential in this regard, due to its geographical location, that is further supported by considering Georgia as part of the ancient civilization. Despite their limited geographical areas, all regions of the country have unique landscapes, intangible cultural monuments, customs and gastronomic cultures, which is, indeed, a major factor for the development of both international and domestic tourism.

Gastronomic tours are deemed as one of the most important factors for the development of domestic tourism. A gastronomic tour considers a purposeful quest for an authentic and unforgettable culinary experience during a travel at international, regional and local levels.

There is very little information in this regard in Georgia. The lack of academic information also affects the qualification of tour operators in this direction. In addition, the population has not yet formed the habit of purchasing domestic travel tours.

The main goal of our project is derived from the above problems and it considers promoting the non-material cultural resources which are of nationwide importance, designing regional gastronomic routes throughout the country and collecting data to allow each region to benefit from its own gastronomic diversity. Properly planned and delivered gastronomic tours will, foremost, contribute to the living standards of the region’s population.

It is important to revive and preserve traditional values, raise awareness of intangible heritage and cultural values, maintain the regions` identity through its development and interpretation.

By activating gastronomic tourism, economic resources will be distributed at the regional level within the country. Due to the seasonal nature of international tourism typical to Georgia, domestic tours will balance out the off-season period.

Gastronomic tourism will be a new product on Georgia`s tourism market, which will allow the population to get well acquainted with the regional tangible and intangible culture and agricultural products of their country, as well as various cooking techniques, the culture of using fire and utensil, social life and the stages of its development from the ancient times to the present day.

For the hospitality and catering business, this will be an opportunity for reviving and diversifying Georgian cuisine. The development of gastronomic tourism will enable stakeholders operating in the field to obtain information on the origin and acquisition of authentic raw materials and to create and maintain unique flavours.

This project will help tour operators develop domestic tourism, establish close contacts with the regions and be active even off-season. With the support of Gastronomic Association, a series of public or local lectures will be conducted to help form a proper understanding of the concept with a view to promoting this direction. Furthermore, we also aim to train guides in order to introduce to the country the latest world trends in gastronomic tourism.

Gastronomy is a synthesis of our culture, ethnography, art of feast, customs and unique food culture taking care for which is the main challenge for our team…