#MakeBorshtNotWar Food Unites!


The Gastronomic Association of Georgia calls for the true & humane unification in the field of food and gastronomy, giving the real example on how should food unite, when the brother country of Ukraine is facing the bloody war invasion of Russia and humanitarian catastrophe. Coming up with this idea was inspired by the Ukrainian Chef - Ievgen Klopotenko. Any F&B enterprise in any region/town of Georgia - UNITE!


  • Develop the recipe of the classic Ukrainian Borscht and put it the specialties menu of the month;
  • Donate all the revenue of every Borscht sold following the link attached below/ All money will be redirected to the official account of the international charity organization for the good of the people of Ukraine in need today;
  • Make a specific promotion & communications related to the donation campaign for your clients via your managers and hostesses on spot, as well as on the social media channels of your businesses.


 Together we stand with Ukraine

 Please donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/ukraine-humanitarian-fund


#MakeBorshtNotWar #FoodUnites #FoodtrulyUnites #GeorgiaStandsWithUkraine #Thewholeworldstandswithukraine Slava Ukraini! Slava Gerohiam!