About us

Gastronaut - business development hospitality agency in Georgia that is bringing leading professionals of the field, Restaurateurs, Chefs, Hoteliers,  together to focus on the development and popularization of the Georgian Hospitality culture both at a national and international level. 

By conducting scientific research, training, and masterclasses,  we hold valuable information meant to be shared with our members and industry partners. 

Gastronaut was founded back in 2013  and truly became an authentic voice of the industry.


To support the development of Georgian Hospitality, agriculture, tourism, economy, and sustainable development, via promoting Gastronomy as an image resource of our country.

To promote the recognition of  Georgian Hospitality culture worldwide and to carry out scientific research of local gastronomy. 


  • Unity
  • Development
  • Professionalism

Our Philosophy is based on the  development and popularization of the Georgian Gastronomy culture. Gastronomy  is a complex concept and comprises the following components: socio-cultural, literature, philosophy, history, religion, ethnicity  etc.